Solar Installations – Done Right the First Time!

Innovative Solar Design makes going solar simple. Whether you need residential solar  or commercial solar , we deliver a straightforward approach to  high-quality service. Below is our easy to follow process for solar installations.


Innovative Solar Design's expert staff will visit with you and discover your needs, take measurements, and address your concerns. We’ll also discuss the most modern types of solar products and innovations available to fit your needs.


With the measurements in hand, we configure a professional design for you including expected output of the system. In this stage, we’ll determine how many solar panels, inverters, and batteries you need to accomplish your goal. We’ll also go over aesthetics of the roof placement and the different looks that are available.


Innovative Solar Design will schedule a time that’s convenient for you to install the solar panels. The installation process normally takes two days. The first day we install the roof mounts, racking, and inverters. The second day will be the solar panel installation and electrical work.


Once  the installation is complete, we turn everything over to you. We set you up on a monitoring platform which allows you to monitor in real time your savings, panel health, and more from any internet connected device.  Innovative Solar Design also monitors your system and reports to you any issue that may need to be addressed.

Our Services Include

  • Residential & Commercial Solar PV Installation
  • Solar Panel Repair/Service
  • Solar hot water Installation (only provider in Oklahoma)
  • Solar pool heat (only provider in Oklahoma)
  • Solar attic fans
  • Ground Mount Installation
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Solar Installation Service

Innovative Solar Design is your “Solar Power Expert” for residential or commercial solar, “grid-tied”, “off grid”, or “grid-tied with battery back-up”!

We use only the latest technologies. SolarWorld modules, APS or Enphase micro-inverters, and SolarEdge inverters with optimizers on our solar installations to provide SAFE power, & off-grid pv with battery back-up systems from Outback Power or Magnum. We install the new LGChem battery back-up systems paired with SolarEdge inverters.

Solar hot water Installation

Solar hot water also has many options that can be discussed, however, the SunBandit systems are very suitable for applications in Oklahoma and require little if any maintenance. Usually, four to six solar panels are enough on the rooftop and a new solar hot water tank will need to be installed. These come with backup electric heat for those days when the sun does not shine. Generally, 4 to 6 hours of sun is all that is needed to heat the tank to desired levels. Southern roof exposure is needed.

Solar pool heat

Solar pool heat is a great option for anyone with a pool! You can extend your swim season by one month in the Spring & Fall and it costs nothing to operate. The swimming pool pump does all the work, and it is running anyway! We recommend setting it to 87 degrees. We find that to be the optimal swimming temperature. What is your pool temperature? These units can also cool your pool water if it gets too warm in July and August. Simply run you pump at night! Sizing is the biggest concern here. You need minimum collector space equal to half of the surface area of the pool. Having adequate roof space is an issue for some locations, so we also partner with a Master Carpenter that is capable of building you a free-standing pergola-like structure to support the solar collectors & provide eye-pleasing shade near your pool. Ground mounting is also an option. Southern roof or ground exposure is needed. Certified Fafco installerAsk about our new product "CoolPV".

Solar attic fan Installation

Solar attic fans by Attic Breeze are also a great way to cut your cooling bills. These units are powered only by the sun. So they work to remove the heat from the attic when the sun is shining on your roof and heating it up. A thermostat can keep it from running in the Winter months. These units carry a limited lifetime warranty and are very robust! Also, the larger size is available for commercial buildings & warehouses. The latest model comes with a wireless control panel for inside your home that always you to control the unit & monitor the temperature in you attic. Eligible for 30% tax credit.

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